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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (Dairy Free + Gluten Free Meal Prep on a Budget!)

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what’s up your guys’s Adrienne Finch welcome back to my channel and welcome to a long awaited what I eat in a day as a dairy free gluten free egg free human being I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve made one of these videos because I never realized how many people are genuinely affected by like food intolerances or even by preference they decide to be gluten free dairy free especially nowadays I just feel like so many people are because you feel better so I really have been doing a disservice to the community by not creating videos about this because this is quite literally my life every day this is gonna be an updated what I eat in a day I’m also gonna take you to Trader Joe’s with me so I’m gonna show you like what I buy from Trader Joe’s and how much it costs and then I’m gonna obviously show you like what I eat for certain meals so yeah without further ado let’s get into the video and by the way the Sun is like quite literally setting as we speak so I’m sorry if the lighting is all weird in this video here’s my situation okay I don’t like cooking cooking is hard I just don’t enjoy it that much I don’t want really to dedicate my time to it so I consider myself more of like a preparer ooh I do cook at home like very frequently but I don’t make these like extravagant crazy meals I prepare things that are healthy and yeah very yummy so that’s my Styles oh but anyone can really like you’re gonna like this video duh basically the my motto is like I find my staples and I stick to them so one thing I like to do is I go onto Pinterest and I look up you can search literally anything but I always search easy gluten free dairy free dinners because I feel like with breakfast and lunch I’m more just throw things together dinner is like definitely a meal that I want to have something a little bit more yummy and and I don’t wanna say complicated because it doesn’t even take that long to make the dinners that I make but just like really good so I always do that I have a Pinterest board just for food and basically what I end up doing is choosing like three ish and I just eat those all the time until I’m sick of them so right now my three staple dinners are this like fish and vegetables with like lemon and garlic sauce just I put it all on a pan and put it in the oven for like eleven minutes and that’s it it’s so easy so there’s that I do a seafood pasta which I love o gluten-free pasta of course and what’s the other one I do hmm I can’t remember we’re gonna get there so yes I don’t plan or prep all my meals for the week like I said I kind of just pick my staples and of course with Trader Joe’s as well I typically shop at Trader Joe’s and I pretty much get the same things every time because I just like to snack on and eat the same things all the time so that’s what I do and then of course when I get sick of one thing all like switch it out with something else so typically what I do before I go to Trader Joe’s is I make a list or in this case now I’m so used to what I get that I pretty much remember and I pretty much got the same thing every time – the dinners which I switch out so I do like to make a list if I have new items that I need or if I just don’t want to forget anything I’m going out of town tomorrow so I didn’t stock up on groceries today but I did take you along at Trader Joe’s and just awkwardly filmed in public a lot of the like things I get so we’re gonna go into Trader Joe’s and I’m gonna show you what I got bananas for smoothies I like to get these carrots because they’re a lot cheaper to get the whole ones you can get diced onions for convenience but they’re a little bit more expensive or you can just get normal white onions for only $0.99 mushrooms I like to get the chopped up ones for convenience but honestly I’ve found that the other ones if I cut them myself they last way longer they have a wide array of gluten free bagels which they used to not have they only had one kind so my favorite is the everything bagel oh my gosh so good vanilla almond milk and I get a couple because you can store them out of the fridge and they last for a while a gluten-free is cereal tomatoes for both my fish dinner and also for any other thing I need vegetables for like breakfast and you can either get cherry tomatoes which I usually do just cuz it’s easier or if you want to save money again to 69 versus 29 cents for each roma tomato pretty good deal I go to gluten free dairy free pancakes and waffles then I splurge on this tuna salad because literally you guys it is to die for I’ve gotten everyone addicted to it we got some healthy chips and some veggie chips also healthy Trader Joe’s is for sure the cheapest place you’ll find goat cheese and because I can have it I’m obsessed and then I either get spicy hummus or cilantro jalapeno hummus so good to dip crackers gluten free crackers or carrots into this frozen seafood blend for the pasta that I like to make and then any type of fish I get tilapia it’s super cheap and this microwavable brown rice for like taco balls turkey ball and a sauce it’s amazing then we have this potato and onions and being kind of frozen breakfast thing and finally a soy chorizo so yep those are really my staples that I pretty much get every time of course sometimes I like won’t feel like having hummus so I won’t get hummus or I won’t feel like having goat cheese I feel like I was eating way too much goat cheese for a while and I felt like I was gaining weight because I could literally just eat like a log of goat cheese at a time so I stopped getting it for a little bit and then I started again because now I miss it but you know that’s pretty much like those are my stables unless I switch some things out and it’s pretty affordable honestly I’m like that feeds me for a while a lot of other stores when they have dairy for your gluten-free substitute they’re very expensive and that was something I worried about when I first figured out about my allergies I was worried I would just have to constantly pay more like at Whole Foods or whatever else just because I have an allergy and I was pretty upset I mean I do often times when I go out I have to pay like extra for gluten-free bread but honestly it’s okay worth not going you know I also just feel like the quality of the food there is really good they have so many like unique dishes there they have like a lot of unique prepared food and a lot of unique and amazingly tasty like frozen meals that you can even add things into and that’s what I do a lot as you’ll see is kind of take their frozen things and just put my own stuff in it so that it’s really quick and easy but it tastes so good and I just feel like other grocery stores really lack those types of options especially in the freezer aisle it’s very much like Marie Callender’s little heat up meals which nothing against that but I never can eat any of those because they’re usually dairy or gluten so I usually spend honestly about 75 to $100 a week on food which I feel like it’s pretty good especially considering my allergies of course there are like some meals that I’ll eat out I try to do as many as I can in my house but of course like when I want to socialize with friends or when I’m just like sick of what I’m eating then I will go out okay so let’s start with a breakfast I typically now workout in the morning so I try to have a super super super light breakfast before working out and then I have like almost a brunch slash like bigger breakfast lunch after working out so often what I’ll just have before working out is literally a glutton for you awful or pancake I get these from Trader Joe’s both the pancakes and the waffles and I just pop them right into the toaster usually I only have one so I don’t want to get super bold for my workout if I’m not working out one day then I’ll definitely eat like two or three sometimes I’ll also do an oatmeal packet which I mean it has a lot of sugar probably but and technically I’m allergic to oak but I’m only like a tiny bit intolerant so every now and then I’ll have some oatmeal and it’s fine or I’ll make a smoothie for some reason lately I really haven’t been feeling smoothies that I make I don’t know why like I used to make them all the time now I’m just not feeling it but if I do make a smoothie this is kind of what it looks like I use almond milk I use protein powder to make sure I am getting some protein and sometimes I even put a spoonful of peanut butter in it and then I basically just use frozen fruit which I get from Trader Joe’s raspberries blueberries mangos basically anything and typically I would put a banana in but again since I’m going out of town I didn’t have any bananas but yeah so basically smoothie oatmeal gluten free waffles those are like my go-to breakfast items another field I really love to make sometimes for my like second breakfast slash post-workout slash lunch is this Trader Joe’s soy chorizo it tastes so good so so so good and it’s completely meatless gluten free dairy free and then also this little frozen packet of potatoes and mushrooms and onions and things like that I just throw those together and it’s like this amazing little breakfast that took me literally five minutes to just put in a pan sometimes I’m even too lazy to get out a pan which is honestly just really sad but it when I’m not too lazy this is such an awesome meal and I usually top it off with avocado and hot sauce or something of the sort oh I forgot to mention that when I make coffee which is typically after my workout I either use the coconut creamer from Trader Joe’s or if I’m going to rouse or something I get one of my favorite creamers which is the silk almond vanilla creamer so I really like that so lunch time lunch is usually just typically when I’m hungry next which honestly varies every day sometimes I eat it really awkward times like 3 p.m.

It’s per lunch I usually throw together either breakfast food again or what I just mentioned with the potatoes in the story tree so or sometimes I’ll make like tacos or a talk a bowl but another thing that I got are these Buffalo bites from this place called Calif lower basically there’s this restaurant and that’s only for delivery that is here in LA it is literally the most bomb they’re known for their cauliflower pizza which I’ll talk about for the dinner portion cuz I got it recently and I’m obsessed so I need to tell you about it and you can probably recreate your own as well but for the lunch portion one of my favorite things on their menu is the Buffalo cauliflower bite oh my god Buffalo anything is so good to me and this is just incredible like you feel like you’re eating this extravagant gourmet amazingly tasty meal and it’s literally cauliflower with buffalo sauce it’s so just so good so I have that another go-to of mine is gluten-free bagels bagels at Trader Joe’s I love that everything bagels they’re my favorite I actually put this in my last one I eat in a day video because I’ve been eating it for that long but I love to put hummus or avocado tomato onions smoked salmon or lox is my favorite it tastes so so good and then I love putting the everything but the bagel seasoning which is pretty much just like what they put on an everything bagel but in seasoning form it’s amazing so I love doing that for lunch as I mentioned briefly I also love love love making tacos or a taco bowl with that soy tree so I usually just throw in like avocado diced tomato sometimes diced jalapenos sometimes like black beans and microwavable brown rice this is all stuff from Trader Joe’s that I can literally just throw in there I found the best recipe for a dairy-free chipotle aioli cuz I’m obsessed with chipotle aioli and I tried this just kind of for shits and giggles and it was so good you guys I’m not even kidding it tasted exactly like chipotle aioli and it was like healthy and it takes like two seconds to make and you know me I don’t like cooking I’m prepared I am a preparer so here’s another thing you get to prepare and then for dinners I will say follow me on Instagram if you want to see like a lot more dinner options sometimes I put that on my story what I’m cooking one of my favorite favorite like go-to things lately has been the pizza the cauliflower pizza from Cali flower I cannot explain to you how hard it is to find good gluten-free crust for pizza I’m sure if you guys are gluten-free you can relate the cauliflower crust from Trader Joe’s not good the broccoli and kale one is okay but this called flour crust from this place I genuinely don’t know how they do it it is so good it’s like not soggy at all it’s not a weird texture it’s like crispy and amazing and I love it so I got the pizza that was called the farmers bounty I think and I got it customizable so I basically added turkey pepperoni the one thing I would say is next time I get it I’m gonna get either no vegan cheese or just a really light spread I realized like this is not even on them they definitely have the best tasting vegan cheese that I’ve ever had other than that like oh my god this is so incredibly amazing and if you guys live in the LA area you can get delivery and also if you follow them on Instagram they are giving away one Pizza a day for the next seven days to people who have followed from this video so go do that why not get a free pizza it’s active also they are gonna be opening a lot more locations so if you aren’t in LA I’m so sorry but they will be expanding so I’ll try to find out where they’re expanding to so that you guys know and you can probably try to recreate this pizza as well but you won’t find there good it is I’m just going to say that and then as I mentioned I’d love to make my shrimp pasta I didn’t film myself making this because I went out of town but I will leave the recipe down below moving on to snacks what are my dairy free gluten free snacks I will say one thing chips and like crackers you’d be surprised how many really are gluten free chips are very often corn or potato and I remember when I first found out I was like oh my god I can never eat chips but like it’s not true so I first of all him like a sucker for Saul vinegar chips I also really like these black sea chips from Trader Joe’s because they’re a little bit healthier and I can dip them into hummus I can dip them into guac salsa anything I can even put it in like goat cheese I also really like these veggie sticks they’re just like very healthy and delicious I always love a good like pickle anything with hummus pretty much okay so that was information overload and I apologize but I hope this was helpful that is like what I’ve been eating lately in a day in terms of going out to restaurants I definitely have gotten used to what I can and can’t have I’m pretty much fine modifying anything at any restaurant the only restaurants that are just more tricky for me are Italian restaurant anything Asian or like sushi is very gluten dairy free super like good for me I also just found out that ramen places oftentimes have gluten-free noodles I thought forever that I couldn’t eat ramen but newsflash I can and it’s really good so ramen I really love veggie grill I like tender greens I like sweet green I like all these places tokaiya organic ax there are so many good places those are like LA staples so I don’t know if you guys have those in your neck of the woods but yeah that is what I have been eating in a day dairy free gluten free unposted it you guys enjoyed it let me know any more suggestions for like food related topics or health or working out or anything like that cuz I am totally happy to do more stuff like that thank you for being here I love you so much and I’ll see you in my next video bye

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