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today I am going to be making chicken chow mein this has been requested over the last two weeks  so I decided that’s what’s for lunch today for the chicken I have one pound of thinly sliced chicken  breasts I’m going to add a quarter teaspoon of white pepper you could just use black pepper  if that’s what you have a tablespoon of soy sauce and two teaspoons of baking soda sometimes I like  to do egg white with a tablespoon of corn starch but I’m gonna do the baking soda today and this  is going to sort of you know velvet and marinade marinate the chicken and you’ll want to set it  in the refrigerator but take it out maybe ten minutes before you are going to cook it to take  the chill off of the meat so that’s done okay so to start I’m going to be using a 12 ounce bag or  340 grams of chow mein pan-fried noodles and on the back it has instructions to basically place  the noodles in boiling water for 20 seconds drain and then you can pan fry I’m actually  going to boil them and shock them in cold water and set them aside until I’m ready to use them noodles in okay so it’s been long enough now I’m going to place them in my ice water bath okay so  my noodles have stopped cooking so I’m going to place them on a baking sheet to sort of dry  so here I’ve drained all of the water I have them sitting in this wire mesh strainer so now I’m just  going to place them on a large baking sheet that’s lined with parchment paper so they don’t stick and  it’s just I want these to dry out they’re just going to get a lot crispier than just a soggy  wet noodle when you add it to your wok so just to help just kind of go over with a paper towel  just like that okay so this is just going to hang out until I need it okay so let’s put the sauce  together here I already have two tablespoons of oyster sauce and to that I’m going to add  two tablespoons of dark soy sauce here I have a teaspoon and a half of rice vinegar one and a half  teaspoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of sambal and the ratios of these ingredients you know you want  to give it a mix taste it and if you find that you want things to be a little more sweeter or to  have not necessarily sweet but balanced from the sugar then you know add another pinch of sugar if  you want things spicier then you know add that so this is mix now I’m going to add just a teaspoon  or two maybe that’s more like a teaspoon and a half of sesame oil and that’s it this is going  to be what coats the noodles and you know sauces this dish so for the fresh ingredients it’s very  versatile this dish you can use whatever you have on hand for example here I have about three ounces  or maybe one and a half cups of thinly shredded cabbage fresh cabbage I used the whites and the  greens of five scallions and you can chop and slice them how you like here I have two large  celery sticks that I just cut diagonally into thin slices and one medium carrot that I julienne  and I’m also going to be adding fresh garlic my husband loves garlic and he likes pieces or like  Findley sliced chunks in his stir-fry but you can definitely mince this but this is what I opted to  do because it’s just what my family likes but I’m using about four to five cloves of garlic  and here is the marinated chicken so I’m going to start preheating my wok and we’re gonna start  stir frying and cooking these okay here I have a large wok that I’ve preheated over medium-high  to high heat you really want this to kind of get smoky I’m gonna add a good amount of cooking oil this is nice and hot and I really want to get a good sear on the chicken so I’m  going to spread it out trying to do that this you have to and I’m gonna cook this gonna add my oil and I’m gonna start with my celery and carrot and I’m going to stir  this for about 20 seconds it’s not gonna I don’t want this to get too  soggy or overcooked now gonna do a quick saute of the cabbage again not very long okay so for the noodles I’d really want to fry  these so I’m going in with it I’m gonna go ahead and add in my white now in handfuls I’m going to add so now I’m just going to create a little space while  these are still kind of getting little char bits and little toasty I’m gonna go in and do a quick  saute of my chopped garlic in the center I don’t want to burn it this is why I add it  last sort of let it cook so I love these little bits that get crispy and crunchy on the edge so  again I’m gonna let these just gonna hang out on the side I’m gonna go back in with my chicken now I’m going in with my sauce and this smell is so good already once I get this kind of work then at this point we want to have  your veggies add the greens from the scallions and that’s it I’m gonna give it maybe another 30  seconds in the wok just to mix everything in you could finish with a little bit of sesame  oil but remember I did add it into the sauce but this is chicken chow mein and it’s ready  to serve I hope you give this recipe a try I hope you like it and thanks for watching

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