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5 Things About The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

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[Music] signed into law in march 2010 the affordable care act benefits all americans increasing access to quality affordable health insurance and providing rights and protections that make health coverage more fair and easy to understand the increased access to insurance options helps narrow geographic economic and racial disparities in health care coverage here are five things to know about the affordable care act also known as the aca first the aca produced widespread gains in health coverage over 20 million people gained insurance including individuals who can stay on their parents plan until they’re 26. second the affordable care act protects americans with pre-existing conditions like cancer asthma or diabetes insurance companies can’t deny coverage based on a person’s medical history or health status the law also prevents insurers from setting annual or lifetime limits on spending third the aca focuses on preventive care it ensures that most insurance plans fully cover the cost for certain recommended preventive services colonoscopies mammograms well child visits and flu shots for example are provided at no cost to the patient thanks to the aca fourth the aca improves health care for women and children the law prevents insurers from charging women higher premiums than men and requires insurers to cover maternity care breastfeeding support birth control and other services critical to the health of women and children and medicaid expanded to include millions of low-income individuals and families who did not previously qualify for coverage fifth the affordable care act is better than ever coverage options are increasing and costs are decreasing president biden’s economic stimulus package the american rescue plan ensures that many people who enroll in health coverage through will qualify to save money on plans that meet their needs many premiums will decrease on average by fifty dollars per person per month and 85 dollars per policy per month four in five consumers will be able to find a plan for ten dollars or less for more information or to sign up for affordable coverage visit produced by the u.s department of health and human services

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