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5-Day Gluten and Dairy Free Meal Prep

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meal prepping is one of my top recommendations to anyone who wants to eat better save time in the kitchen and save a money on your grocery bill hello everyone and welcome back if you’re new here my name is tanya i’m an integrative health coach and i’m really excited about today’s video because you guys have been absolutely loving my previous two meal prep videos i have a full five day and a full seven day paleo meal prep i will link that right here and in the description box down below if you want to check that out after this video but today we’re doing a full a five-day meal prep which is gluten-free a dairy-free it is a micronutrient a dance and is absolutely delicious it will include your breakfast lunch and dinner and a healthy treat that you can have either a snack or a dessert let’s get right into it but first i make weekly video on leveraging a paleo lifestyle to optimize your health so if you’re into that then definitely like this video and subscribe to my channel let’s start off with breakfast we’re going to be prepping two different smoothies today so we can keep it interesting during the week with both smoothies we are going to be focusing on balanced macronutrients this means carbs fats and proteins so that we don’t end up having sugar bombs in the morning sending us on a blood sugar roller coaster all day long first up we’re going to be preparing a coconut berry smoothie in the bag we will place one banana a cup of frozen mixed berries and quarter cup of frozen coconut the second smoothie will be a tropical a green smoothie which has total summer vibes in this one i will add one banana a big handful of spinach or really any greens that you have on hand half a cup of frozen avocado and then one cup of mixed tropical fruits this can be something like mangoes pineapple peaches anything like that now you have two options which contains a ton of vitamins and minerals from the fruit and healthy fats coming from the coconut and avocado now i highly recommend starting your morning off with some good quality protein that’s why in the morning we’re going to add some quality protein powder and a liquid of your choice i personally love almond milk but water works just as great or coconut water is also a great one when it comes to protein powders my current favorite is the bone broth protein powder from ancient nutrition since it doesn’t contain any grains gluten or dairy and i really like the consistency and the taste if you tolerate a dairy a grass-fed whey isolate is also an option or if you would prefer a plant-based protein than pea or brown rice protein like the vegan fermented protein by a genuine health is also a good option and that’s it guys your morning smoothie will be effortless for our lunch we will be making a southwest chicken quinoa salad and a mediterranean salmon quinoa salad first up let’s get the chicken cooking i’m going to place three chicken breasts with a little bit of salt some pepper and some avocado oil in a baking dish and we’re going to place that in the oven at 400 fahrenheit degrees for around 25 minutes or until the internal temperature has reached 125 at fahrenheit next up let’s prepare the quinoa for boat salads we will need approximately five cups of cooked quinoa so that’s about two cups of dry quinoa we’re gonna add that to the pot along with four cups of water we’re gonna place it on the stove top on high and once the water is boiling we’re going to turn it down to low cover that and cook it for about 12 to 15 minutes while the quinoa is cooking let’s get the rest of the ingredients ready for the southwest salad you will need to drain a can of black beans and give them a good rinse we’re also going to be doing the same for a can of corn and then we can add both of those to a large bowl next we’re going to chop one red bell pepper one avocado and some cilantro add all the vegetables in the bowl as well and mix next we’re also going to be adding the juice of a lime this not only adds a ton of flavor but it will be helpful in preventing the avocado from going around so another option here is just to add the avocado when you’re ready to eat the salad if you want it a bit fresher now once the quinoa is ready let’s add three cups in that bowl and set aside the remaining two once the chicken is ready you can either shred it with a fork or die set and add it in as well give everything a good mix and you can go ahead and separate it into three different containers now let’s prepare the mediterranean salmon salad we’re going to add one can of salmon to the quinoa we set aside then we’re going to dice some tomatoes cucumbers some red onions and lastly the avocado once again here if you want to keep it the avocado a bit more fresh add it right before you’re eating the salad drizzle a little olive oil some lemon juice salt and pepper and there you have it this salad is super fresh and loaded with protein and healthy fats like omega-3s coming from the salmon now let’s move on to dinner we’re going to be making some spaghetti squash bolognese and spicy shrimp with some vegetables and rice i recommend starting with the ingredients that take the longest to prepare so while that’s cooking you can get onto other things and save a time overall the spaghetti squash is what takes the longest in today’s dinner meal prep so we’re going to start with that all you have to do is slice the spaghetti squash lengthwise place it in a baking dish skin up and add about 1 inch of water to the dish this helps the squash seam and cook faster then we’re going to be placing it in the oven at 400 fahrenheit degrees for about 45 minutes meanwhile let’s get working on the bowling ease this is not your typical boring bolognese here i love to sneak in as many vegetables as possible so we’re gonna dice some garlic some onion some celery some mushrooms and shred some carrots once that’s done place a pan on medium heat and add some coconut oil and then we’re going to go ahead and add the garlic the onion and the celery let’s cover that and allow that to saute for a bit and once it’s fragrant we can go ahead and add the ground beef and cook that through while that’s cooking we can prepare the tomato sauce by combining half a cup of a can of coconut milk with half a cup of tomato paste once the beef is cooked through we can add the carrots the mushroom and we’re also going to be adding some spinach cover again to allow the spinach to wilt and in a few minutes we’re gonna go ahead and add the sauce and some salt and pepper we can then cover and turn the heat down to a low setting let’s get working on the second dinner for the roasted veggies i will be using a combination of red peppers zucchini broccoli and mushrooms but honestly feel free to choose a combination that you enjoy these are personally just some of my favorites dice everything and place it in a large bowl with a bit of avocado oil salt and pepper and set aside next we’re going to need a new pan place it on medium heat and add the shrimps shrimps will take very long to cook so definitely keep an eye on them and once they’re pink they are done we will also get the rice going since we only need two portions here of rice i’ll be making about half a cup so just adding one cup of water to it as soon as the spaghetti squash is done we’re gonna take it out and add the roasted veggies in we’re gonna roast these at 400 fahrenheit degrees as well for about 20 to 25 minutes now i forgot to mention for shrimps i like to add the seasonings after they’re cooked because i find they are so watery when they’re cooking so the seasoning kind of goes in the water and doesn’t stay on the shrimps so what i did is i added some taco seasoning the one by primal palette that i absolutely love once the shrimps were done so that’s kind of what gives them their spicy taste and once everything is done you can go ahead and add it to your containers i have these containers that are divided so i place the vegetables on one side and then i place the rice as the base on the other side with the shrimps on top by now the spaghetti squash should have cooled down so you can go ahead and scoop it out with a fork and place it in your containers and then we’re just going to add the bulimies on top i also love adding some fresh basil this is some basil from my garden so i just love using it whenever i can next we’re on to our final preparation and that is our snack slash dessert today we’re going to be making some super easy brownie bites all you’re going to need is one and a half cup of medjool dates two cups of almond flour half a cup of cocoa powder and a pinch of sea salt i’m gonna add everything in the food processor starting with the almond flour cocoa and salt turn it on and then add the dates i personally like using the cuisinart it has a 14 cups i will definitely be sure to leave a link down below if you’re currently looking for one once you have your mixture you can just pour it into a bowl and then roll out little balls and that’s honestly it you just store them in an airtight container in the fridge and you have yourself a healthy snack for the week all right i hope you enjoyed this meal prep and give it a go i know it can seem like a lot of work at first but trust me you’re gonna thank yourself every single day of the week if you do this and if you do do it definitely a snap a picture and make sure to tag me on instagram my handle is right here so you can find me at italian health you can also grab my free seven day downloadable meal plan which includes delicious recipes it has the full 70 meal plan and a grocery list that you can bring to the grocery store with you to make everything and nice and easy that’s going to be available as the first link in my description box right below if you like this video i’d be so grateful if you could give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t already subscribe and if you know of anyone that could benefit from watching this video then definitely share it with them thank you so much for watching today i hope you have a beautiful day and i’ll see you in the next one bye you

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